Augmented Reality - add another dimension to your cards, tags or wristbands.

We have teamed up with Zappar to provide a way of adding ‘Augmented Reality’ to any of our printed membership cards, keytags, gift cards, loyalty cards, RFID cards or Easyband wristbands. By printing a ‘Zap code’ (a bit like a QR code but a much more immersive experience), it allows us to overlay 3D buttons, images and even video on top of any printed item. All you have to do is dowload the app and view the card or tag through your phone or tablet. 
We can now link your Membership, Student, Gift or ID card directly to your social media accounts, webstore, online bookings, exclusive hidden content or special offers and promotions.... anything with a URL.
The content can be updated whenever you want (without changing the printed code), which means you can also sell time-limited advertising space on your cards.
To try it, go to App Store or Google Play and search for ‘Zappar’ – download the app and then scan this image of a basic card (you can scan it from the screen). 

authentic8 augmented reality zappar

It works better if you view it on an actual card but this will give you the idea.

We can see the following applications being of value on membership cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, keyfobs or RFIID wristbands (there are no doubt more we haven’t thought of yet)…

•    Introductions - Personal greetings or video tours of clubs/gyms/schools/universities

•    Instructional videos – e.g. how to use a piece of equipment or register, redeem a gift card or top up a cashless school meal card.

•    Special offers/promotions – perhaps linked to an email campaign with dedicated landing page: ‘scan your card today for a special time-limited offer’

•    ‘Visiit Our Shop Now!' - direct links to online retail. Deep link into a specfic product or category.

•    ‘Book Online Now’ - link to your online booking systems

•    ‘Download Our App’ - ecourage users to dowload and use your own app.

•    Adverts - selling your 3rd dimension card space to local partners or businesses is a great way to offset the cost of the cards themselves.

Contact us now for more information on how to add Augmented Reality to your cards or tags.