EasyBand- Mifare 1K RFID Wristband- In Stock


EasyBand - RFID Wristband - Mifare 1K (S50)

EasyBand is the affordable and wearable Mifare RFID Wristband from Authentic8 ID Solutions UK.

If your business operates a wet area (pool or spa) then our waterproof silicone RFID proximity Mifare wristbands are the perfect solution for your customers. Our re-usable RFID wristbands will integrate with Access control, Membership Management and Locker systems (such as Ojmar OTS Locks).

RFID wristbands have been around for a while now but the high cost, minimum order quantity and long lead times have made it difficult to justify the upgrade. Our new EasyBand changes all that, with prices from as little as £1.50 per unit, next day delivery and pack sizes of 100 units, there is no reason not to try these out. No hardware changes or upgrades are required if you are already using contactless or proximity Mifare smartcards or keyfobs.
Fo use in gyms, health clubs, leisure clubs, swimming pools, saunas, spas, waterparks, theme parks, attractions, events, festivals, outdoor centres, hotels, schools, universities, security controlled buildings. Compatible with many systems including Paxton Net2 with 13.56KHZ mifare readers.
Our new wearable RFID wristband has the following features:
• Genuine NXP Mifare 1K Chip (S50)
• 100% waterproof (made from Silicone)
•  Compatable with Ojmar OTS Locks
• Laser engraved with unique serial number 
• Printed with RFID logo symbol in white (as shown)
• 2 sizes: Junior (55mm) and Adult (62mm)
• Stock availiable for immediate delivery
• Small order quantities available (100 units)
• Mixture of colours available from stock: Black, Red, Green, Blue and White
Customised EasyBands are also available with your own logo- subject to 5 week lead time
Compatible with:
EasyBand is also available in other formats including:
HID Prox 26 bit format
Mifare Ultralight,
Please contact us for price and lead times (these formats are not stocked)

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